Indigenous Parasites

An honest look at the First Nations people of Canada

The indigenous/aboriginal/native people of Canada, who are officially called the First Nations people, first arrived in the land we today call Canada approximately 12,000-15,000 years ago. They crossed over the (now non-existent) land bridge called Beringia. Which allowed them to move from Siberia to Alaska.

In those 12,000 (or so) years they accomplished zero, while living in Canada. No advancement, no infrastructure development, no roads, no institutions of higher learning, no hospitals, no official government, no official currency, no science, no technology, nothing.

Just a group of hunter gatherers, roaming around, looking for food that grew on trees or hunting wild animals they could kill and eat.

They were illiterate, uncivilized, violent savages. No morals, no ethics, no values.

Then, approximately 500 years ago ambitious explorers from Europe started to arrive on the shores of eastern Canada, the first of whom was the great French explorer Jacques Cartier.

In less than 500 years, these white Europeans developed Canada into a first world country. Most of this development has happened since 1867 when Canada gained independence.

Think about that, what those First Nations people could not accomplish in over 12,000 years, the Europeans accomplished in a mere 500 years. Why?

The answer is simple: because any indigenous population of people on planet earth is intellectually inferior to European Caucasians. This is true in Canada, in the USA, in Australia, everywhere in the world. European Caucasians and the East Asians (Chinese, Korean and Japanese) are the intellectually superior members of the homo sapien species.

The story of the USA is very similar, as native Americans have lived there for about the same amount of time, in the depths of poverty. But it was European Caucasians that came and developed America into a first world country, doing so in less than 500 years. The exact same story of advancement is true in Australia also, but that happened even faster, only 250 years.

The IQ of the average First Nations person of Canada is 63. This is the lowest of any group of humans on planet earth. The second lowest is the Sub-Saharan black Africans, who have an average IQ of 65. It is important to note that an IQ of less than 70 is classified as mild mental retardation.

Fast forward to today:

The first nations people of Canada rank last in every category of human existence, plagued with numerous self inflicted problems such as: poverty, lack of education, unemployment, poor health, obesity, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, incarceration, murders, suicides, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc etc.

But, of course they will blame all of this on ‘The White Man’. That their plight is the direct result of racist and oppressive policies applied against them by the white majority government. This is an absolute lie.

They were backward, illiterate, violent savages, before the first white person stepped foot on Canadian soil. So not much has changed, despite the fact that Canada and its white people have helped the first nations people more than any other minority group.

Just read about how much the Canadian government does for these parasites:

• Education: The Canadian government provides funding for First Nations students to attend school. This funding can be used to pay for tuition, books, and other expenses.

• Health care: The Canadian government provides free health care to First Nations people. This includes medical care, dental care, and prescription drugs (yes free prescription drugs also).

• Income assistance: The Canadian government provides income assistance (welfare) to First Nations people who are living in poverty. This assistance can help them to pay for food, rent, and other basic necessities.

• Housing: The Canadian government provides funding for First Nations people to build and repair homes. This funding can be used to build new homes, renovate existing homes, or to purchase homes.

• Economic development: The Canadian government provides funding for First Nations businesses and economic development projects. This funding can be used to start new businesses, expand existing businesses, or to develop new economic opportunities.

• Self-government: The Canadian government is working with First Nations communities to develop self-government agreements. These agreements give First Nations communities more control over their own affairs.

• Child welfare: The Canadian government is working with First Nations communities to improve the child welfare system. This includes providing more funding for child and family services, and working to keep First Nations children in their homes and communities.

• Culture and language: The Canadian government is working to preserve and promote First Nations culture and language. This includes funding for cultural programs and initiatives, and supporting the development of First Nations language programs.

All of this is funded with the income tax money stolen from hard working responsible Canadians! Up to 46% of income is taken as tax and used to fund socialist programs for this ultimate burden to Canadian society.

Yet despite all of this astronomical help and money provided to them, these indigenous jungle monkeys remain the poorest, drunkest, least educated, least employed, most criminal, most violent and least productive humans living on Canadian soil.

Yet despite all of this astronomical help provided to them, funded with the tax dollars that hard working responsible Canadians are forced to pay, the First Nations people have the audacity to always complain, whine, cry and be racist (yes deeply racist) towards white Canadians and (to be honest) toward any and all people outside of their depressing, miserable poverty stricken ignorant communities.

The first nations people of Canada are truly the most disgusting, ungrateful and pathetic human beings in the country. The same story is true in the USA, Australia and any country that is burdened with an indigenous population.

Solution: ignore them, stop giving them money, stop helping them. Stop financially sodomizing hard working Canadians with world record income taxation. These First Nations people are an intellectually inferior sub-species of homo sapiens. No amount of time, money or effort will ever improve their circumstances, ever.

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shiq'puch way....good day and many thanks for your good heart-felt words. from an old Kuthla/ulla /grandma of the Walla Walla Tribe: Waluulapum our Tribes are near the blue mountains (Oregon)

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